The Open Art Residency program begins in June 2008.
The application of program is based on a prototype model of artists invited from all over the world to reside and work at the Open Art Residency on the Island of Dreams, at Eretria. The Island of Dreams ( 160 acres of greenery with bungalows ) is connected to the town of Eretria with a 30–metre bridge.

REST CLUB S.A., which is responsible for operating the Island of Dreams hotel dreamisland in cooperation with cheapart and Charalambos Dermatis- artist / curator and managing editor, are co-organising the 1 st International Open Art Residency. Artists from Greece and abroad are invited by REST CLUB S.A. to stay for 15 days and produce their work at the hotel work spaces. The aim of this venture is to gather international artists, encourage their artistic production on the site and increase their familiarity with the Greek public . Each artist, if requested, can be accompanied by one other person.

The program will run from 1 st June 2008 until 30 th September 2008.
A maximum of 90 artists can participate in the programme in 2008.