REST CLUB S.A. is offering meals and accommodation for 14 nights to those artists chosen to participate in the 1 st International Open Art Residency and produce their work or project.
Each artist, if requested, can be accompanied by one other person ( for a child under 7 years of age, early notice is required). All artists interested should send their CV as well as a proposal (see below). The artists' files will be assessed by a committee consisting of an artist, a gallery representative, the REST CLUB representative and an art historian.

Artists will travel by their own means to the Island of Dreams hotel (you can find maps and local ticket prices on the website). After that they check in and get settled in their rooms. The artists will be shown around the facilities and the labs and be informed about the schedule of events for the next fifteen days (parties, discussions, conferences, plays, etc). The artists' names will be written on the announcement board, this way artists may get to know each other as well possibly collaborate in the future. Τhe members of the committee will visit the artists and observe their progress on their projects. At the end of the two weeks, the committee, in cooperation with the artist, will select a work of art that will remain in the collection of the REST CLUB hotel. This takes place as stated in the contract of participation which has been signed by the artist. The rest of the works will remain in the possession of the artist. The artist is responsible for the materials that he/she will need. A list of shops for materials will be available to the artists. Open Art Residency may provide additional information.

Acceptance of participation is binding to the artists due to the limited number of participants. If any problem arises, artists should inform an appropriate REST CLUB or CHEAPART representative a month in advance so that their place can be filled by another artist.